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Even though Italians are known all over the world for eating a lot of pasta, it’s not the only nation of the Mediterranean area good at cooking macaroni. Well known lasagne for instance is considered to be an ancient Greek dish in many of the available sources. However, if you want to eat something totally Greek, you should try making pastitsio. Even if you are not good at cooking and you are sure you’re house will be such a mess that you will not deal with it without cleaners Acton, you can still have a lot of fun while cooking and can be amazed by the result you get. 
Basically, pastitsio and lasagne are similar since both include a kind of pasta, meat and sauce. However, it’s easier to make pastitsio, since you don’t need a special type of pasta, the bucatini or the regular one will go well, this will also be your bottom layer (pre-boiled of course). Cheese and egg will help to hold it together and to put the second layer – ground beef, veal or lamb, depending on your preferences, tomato pasta and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. To cover the meat you need to put another layer of pasta and of course sauce on top. Sauce types may vary again depending on your preferences: it can be egg, flour or cheese based. Put it in the oven and make sure it won’t burn and the meat is ready to eat.
Although this dish comes from Greece, you can see similarities in the whole area, under a different name, for instance called macaroni in Egypt, macaronia in Cyprus or even Timpana in Malta. If you are worried though that you will split some tomato sauce while cooking or eating it because it’s so tasty, you can count on carpet cleaning Acton. Another option is to search the net on a way to get rid of the tomato sauce stain. In any case, worries about cleaning your house shouldn’t disturb you from cooking delicious food.

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