Positive feedback usually translates into returning clientèle

Posted on May 18 2012 at 07:13:41 AM in Marketing & Advertising

Positive feedback usually translates into returning clientèle

The Republican National Convention is just around the corner and every business hopes to benefit from the added traffic in the bay area. Some people have determined that promotional materials will entice the customer and get maximum benefit for their company. Because of the fact that this is the sunshine state, sunglasses could be suggested as a way to give the business a boost for prospective customers. With advertising being such an important part of any campaign and competition being as fierce as it is expected to be, companies may choose to depend on any promotion ideas that come their way.


I suspect that this wave of visitors to the bay area will mean a huge shot in the arm for businesses and unless the products being offered are big ticket items, most companies will have an excellent chance of breaking some of their own financial goals. This may not be the time to introduce new forms of advertising to the local market, especially since this increased traffic will only be temporary. Businesses should be concentrating on providing the best product and service possible, because after the dust has settled and our visitors return to their respective homes they will be talking about the bay area for awhile, lets hope the things they say about our businesses are all positive.


As the floodgates prepare to open in the Tampa bay area, it should be noted that the people of Florida are used to an annual influx of visitors during the holiday season. If you are planning to be one of the visitors to the 2012 Republican convention and you waited too late to make arrangements for your accommodation, have no fear, while hotels may be fulling up faster than you can dial, you may want to try apartments that are between tenants. These self catering apartments may be a little higher than you would expect to pay for a hotel room, but after traveling the distance it could serve as a great alternative.


It is true that hotels provide room service and daily cleanup, but other amenities like free parking and the ability to prepare your own meals in the kitchen provided will be worth the trade off. It is true that there will not be a television on the property, however, after a full day at the convention you will likely be too tired to be able to watch it anyway. Who knows, after spending the week in the bay area you could find the trip so memorable that you may end up thinking of this as the perfect place to call home.

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