Politics and advertising, are negative ads necessary

Posted on Aug 17 2012 at 07:24:44 PM in Politics

Politics and advertising, are negative ads necessary

There are few things as far as procedures that make sense to me when it comes to advertisements, during an election year, not the least of which is the negative ads that persistently hit the airwaves. Politicians are losing the ability to effectively run their campaign unless they are taking shots at their opponents. Millions of dollars in campaign advertising are being dedicated to trashing their opponents and it seems that in every political campaign the situation only gets worse. The campaign ads being produced are leaving little to be desired by the general public and as the campaigning gets closer to the wire, some politicians have been known to sanction negative ads that they already know to be a lie. It is a shame that our politicians don't have what it takes to fight on their own merit, but I guess it takes integrity to pull that off.


There are quite a few legal issues that are confrontational at best but the one that may affect us all is got to be issues of immigration. It is clear that this political football will mostly benefit those who are seeking a return to office, or should we suggest it is intended to help the political hack gain more votes by facilitating the smooth migration into the United States of an additional cross section of people to help vote them into office. Obtaining citizenship may not be the desire of all who cross the borders of this country but the demand for a green card will always be higher, especially if the visitor hopes to stay and work in this land. Young men and women can now increase their chances of naturalization and avoid being deported as illegal immigrants because our government has signed another law that facilitates such a move. I hope nobody believes that this was done out of an actual concern for these people, because they would be ever so wrong.

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