Pokemon – Remoraid Free Papercraft

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Pokemon – Remoraid Free Papercraft

This pokemon papercraft is the Remoraid, a Water-type Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by javier. Remoraid evolves into Octillery starting at level 25.

Remoraid is a small, light-blue fish-like Pokémon. It has saucer-like eyes, two darker-blue markings on its back and a purple mouth with four pointed teeth. Remoraid has a single pelvic fin positioned like a revolver’s trigger, two caudal fins, two small pectoral fins and a dorsal fin near its mouth, as if a gun’s front sight. Remoraid may be a distant cousin of Magikarp and Feebas due to the fact all three are fish-like Pokémon that evolve into completely different sea-creatures.

Remoraid are known to shoot down flying insect prey with precision blasts of water. In addition, they often cling to the fins of Mantine and devour leftover bits of food the larger Pokémon leave behind. Remoraid are sea-dwelling Pokémon.

Remoraid are well-known for their ability to shoot jets of water from the surface with incredible accuracy – often this is used to shoot bugs out of the air. They tend to travel with Mantine by attaching to its fins. When evolution draws near, Remoraid travels downstream from rivers.

Remoraid has the typical abilities of a Water type, but also learns various beam-based moves, as well as Bullet Seed, Lock-On, Octazooka and Rock Blast to coincide with its gun-like appearance. Unlike most Water-type Pokémon, Remoraid is capable of using Fire-type attacks. The presence of a Remoraid has been known to make Mantyke evolve.

You can download this pokemon Pokemon – Remoraid Free Papercraft Download

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