Pokemon – Bisharp Free Papercraft

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Pokemon – Bisharp Free Papercraft

This pokemon papercraft is the Bisharp, a dual-type Dark/Steel Pokémon, based on the anime / game Pokemon, the paper model was created by João Vieira. Bisharp evolves from Pawniard starting at level 52.

Bisharp has a round red and black head resembling a helmet, topped with a gold, double-headed axe blade. Its face is shrouded by its “helmet” and is black and yellow. Its eyes are triangular with white irises and black pupils. Its eyes have a dark outline which gives the appearance of eyeliner. Its red, gold tipped shoulders resemble shoulder pads and its connecting torso and arms are colored black. Its hands are glove-like and metallic in appearance and have retractable blade-like appendages attached to them. On its torso are two bladed discs which resemble a ribcage. Down its body are two dark lines that run down and around to the back, which gives the appearance of armor. Its thighs are circular and red-colored and progressively get thinner as they connect to the feet. Both feet are metallic and blade-like, the split down the middle somewhat resembles ungulate hooves and is also very similar to steel war boots, or possibly leggings.

Bisharp live in packs and rule over their pre-evolutions. Bisharp act as the leader of their packs and gives orders to Pawniard. When a pack meets a prey, Bisharp performs the finishing attack. Bisharp and its pre-evolution are carnivorous hunters and will hunt in packs.

About this Pokemon paper model:
Height: 16 cm
Dificulty: Medium
Pages.: 6
Format: PDO/PDF

You can download this pokemon Pokemon – Bisharp Free Papercraft Download

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