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Posted on Apr 3 2012 at 10:31:07 PM in Money

I get tired of hearing people say that others shouldn’t plat the lottery because the chances of winning are very slim at best. Everyone has heard a statement in which your chances are better at something else happening over winning the lottery.


You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning the lotto. Or there is a better chance that two people playing golf together will hit a hole in one on the same hole than winning the lotto. Or there is a better chance of a person getting attacked by a regular bear and a polar bear on the same day than winning the lotto.


I don’t play the lotto every week or even every month, but I like to take my chances here and there. I am one who prefers to think positive rather than negative. Instead of keeping sayings such as those above on my mind, I rather keep in mind that your only chance of winning the lottery is by playing it. It is true that your chances are very slim, but at least there is a chance. You have zero chance of winning the lotto if you don’t play the lottery at all.

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