Places to Keep Spotless When Expecting Guests

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Places to Keep Spotless When Expecting Guests

When expecting guests you are in a hurry doing things from preparing food to putting your house in order. But if you don't have enough time or your house hasn't been cleaned last week, you can simplify your efforts and pay close attention to four key rooms where guests entertain.

Cleaners Brondesbury recommend you once you have finished with the cleaning of these places to keep away children and pets before your guests arrive.

The first key place is the entry. There may be a lot of messy shoes, jackets or sport equipments, pet paws and so on. You need to put this in order so you can greet and welcome your guests in a nice and clean entry. Start with putting away shoes and jackets. Vacuum the floor and mop it. If you have a doormat, shake it out to remove the dust from it. For even better impression put a vase with fresh and aroma flowers and some candles.

Next key place is the bathroom, it should be sparkling and spotless. Start with the flat surfaces – wipe the spots and fingerprints from the mirror, Scrub the sink, the toilet and doorknobes with a cloth poured in a disinfectant cleaners. Mop the floor and remove the exceed water from it if there is any. Put all your bathroom cleaning products in the drawers, change the towels and the soap, spray with a subtle scent to smell fresh in the place.

When it comes to kitchen, cleaners Brondesbury recommend to try fighting the clutter, sort your things there or place them somewhere guests won't enter and handle with them later. Wipe all the surfaces there with appropriate cleaning products and finish with mopping the floor.

Last but not least, it comes the living room where guests will be most of the time in your house. Make sure you clean all the dust collected there – from tables, lamps and whatever you keep in this place. Vacuum the floor and the seatings, wipe the glass surfaces and spray with some fresh aroma.

Now, you're ready to spent your time with interesting conversations and entertainments with your guests!

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