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If  you really want a natural pink  rosy lips then must read these tips care fully
 lips are part of the skin  and there are many things that can cuase  them to go darker and dry dull ,like
sun exposer and especially   winter season   effect on our skin  ,diet you may not taken a healthy diet and that can also become a cause of your darker lips  hormonal  change and allergies,illness , and like our skin they also want extra care
here are the 3 awesome simple steps for  hows to  lighten dark and dry lips become  pink

 Step 1

*slather your lips with petroleum jelly and here you can also used Rose water and softy scrub them  with soft bristle tooth brush and can also use Cotton and cotton buds using with gently  circular  movement  and rinse with warm water  and if you are using Rose water then simple  clean with Cotton

*Mix 1 TEA spone together Honey and Rose whater * some peaple used baking soda but i prefer you just used natural things which have no side effect  and then mixed them and apply this mixure on your lips and leave it for  a few minutes  and then gently rub the skin and removed dead skin
you can mix small  amount of coarse sugar with few drops of water  and then repeat the same procedure  as you read before

*You know  our skin lips has 3 to 5 cellular layers  and they need constant nurturing

Step 2:

*lemon juice can  bust  dead cells you can make a lips mask
mix equal quantity of honey,  yougurt  lemon jucice  mixed them and when they mixed into a think paste
 apply this paste on your lips and leave it alteast for an hour  than gently scrab it with warm water  and circullar movement  of your fingertips

*some dops of rose water and honey make a paste  and apply this paste on your lips  twice a day  there is no need to risen and off :)

Step 3:


*Keep your lips soft  supple  avoid medicated scarabing  you can used non medicated balms and vitamins A or E and can also used cocoa butter .

* The most important Note: smoking not only  dries your lips  but it also reduce  oxygen supply to your skin  and lips.

*Avoid to drink too much coffee alcohol  and keep your  skin hydrated  by drinking  large(amount of  ) water   daily   with healthy diet  and use of vegetables and drinking water   keep your lips soft &  pinky:)

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