Pikmin – Bulborb Larva Free Papercraft

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Pikmin – Bulborb Larva Free Papercraft

This papercraft is a Bulborb Larva, based on the video game series Pikmin, the paper model was created by Poethetortoise. Bulborb Larva are legless enemies in Pikmin 2. They are the true juvenile grub-dogs, as Dwarf Bulborbs are members of the Breadbug Family imitating bulborbs. Although they have not yet grown their own teeth like a mature Bulborb, they are hard to kill in swarms, but have very low health. Bulborb Larva are famous for their ability to quickly kill Pikmin, as their bite is fast and fatal. However, the small creatures can be destroyed with one punch from a captain, so it is considered more effective to keep Pikmin away from the Larva and attack with Olimar and his copilot. For some strange reason, they prefer to attack captains rather than Pikmin or Bulbmin.

Bulborb Larva are continuously born from Empress Bulblaxes on Sublevel 8 of the Frontier Cavern, Sublevel 11 of the Hole of Heroes, and Sublevel 4 of the Emperor’s Realm in Challenge Mode. Only 50 can be born, though this number is large. If 50 are on the field, the Empress Bulblax will stop giving birth. On the rear of a Bulborb Larva, the umbilical cord can be seen. They are white with yellow faces.

About the paper craft:
Height: 2in.
Width 2 in.
Page Number: 2
Difficulty: Easy

You can download this Pikmin – Bulborb Larva Free Papercraft Download

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