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Posted on Jan 7 2013 at 08:39:50 AM in Photography

The coolest part of photographing weddings is that I get to witness some big time moments in the lives of my clients.  The gown looks great, everything is coming together and the day is going to be perfect.  All of that is in evidence here in the (seemingly) simple photo of Kristen has she finishes getting dressed for her wedding.    These are the moments that are supremely important, the moments that happen between the portraits.  Unscripted, spontaneous, real life.  Every wedding is full of moments like this, moments that are so much larger because the day itself is so very special.  There really is nothing like a wedding. Chris Hensel looks for moments like this all day to make sure that your wedding story is told with all of the real emotion that is there. 


Looking for a great wedding photographer in Philadelphia?  Call Chris Hensel.  

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