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Did you ever happen to think about having a career in which you would be able to work with dogs or other animals? You may need some professional training for certain careers in this field. I will include helpful job descriptions for several career options that would enable you to be working with dogs or other animals in general.


The first career professional that comes to my mind is the veterinarian. To become a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) you may need to complete a four-year undergraduate program and then an additional four years of veterinarian training for your career. Veterinarians may diagnose animal health problems and prescribe the proper medications for animals suffering from certain illnesses. They may provide appropriate vaccinations for the animals against diseases, such as distemper and rabies. Veterinarians may also offer some advise to pet owners about behavior and preventive care for the animals. They can usually perform diagnostic tests such as Xrays, blood work, urine tests and much more.


Next, there is the interesting career of the professional veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. These technicians may help with many duties in the veterinarian's office. To qualify as a licensed veterinary technician you may need to complete a two-year or possibly a four-year educational program. You could even search online to check for schools that train people to be veterinary assistants. If you are sincerely interested in pursuing this career, you may wish to ask a reputable veterinarian for some information about becoming a veterinary technician or an assistant. There is also the option of performing clerical work in a veterinarian's office or being a receptionist.


A pet sitter is another animal related career option. Sometimes dog owners may have to leave their home temporarily for a few days or more and they are unable to bring their dog with them, so they may hire a professional pet sitter. They usually look for a reputable pet sitter that is honest, reliable and knowledgeable about dog care in general. The pet owner may carefully prepare a list of the duties and responsibilities that they would like the pet sitter to fulfill while they are away. This is an ideal time for the owner to write down any important information about their pet, such as any medical problems, special requirements (like any necessary medications prescribed by their veterinarian for their pet or special diet). They should write down their veterinarian's phone number in case of an emergency. They will want to definitely include the phone number and the place where they can be reached. The pet owner will want to talk about what specific food to feed their pet and how often to feed their pet. They may want to explain where they routinely walk their dog and how often their dog needs to be walked. The pet owner will want to know their pet will be cared for in a safe and comfortable manner while they are away.


Another option that involves working directly with dogs is a job working in a doggy daycare. Doggy daycare is an available option for dog care if dog owners just need supervised care for a few hours a day, or during certain occasions. Sometimes dogs just need some additional companionship. Doggy daycare should be a safe place, fully supervised by trained staff members. It is a place where dogs can play with other dogs that match their similar temperament.


There may be safe and appropriate dog toys and comfortable dog beds for napping. Most doggy daycares have an outdoor area for exercise. The staff should be trained to understand and appropriately respond to dog behavior and interactions.


There should be enough humans around to give each dog nice attention and positive reinforcement. Doggy daycare should be secure and safe. All dogs in doggy daycare usually need to meet minimum health requirements. Dogs must have their current vaccinations and be free of infectious diseases. The dogs may be evaluated to make sure their temperament is fine for the daycare environment.


A dog groomer is another career option for people who enjoy working with dogs and have patience. If you think you may be interested in this line of work, you may wish to visit and talk with a professional dog groomer in your area.


Another job for people who like to work with pets is to work in a pet shop. You could also decide to volunteer or work in an animal shelter.


A professional dog trainer is another career option for people who enjoy working with dogs. There may be an increased demand for dog trainers. There are many kinds of professional dog trainers. Dog trainers understand how dogs learn and they may help dog owners correct their pet's specific behavior problems.


It must be a fun career to be a dog trainer for celebrities or who happen to be lucky enough to work with dogs that appear in movies. If you feel you have the interest and patience to become a dog trainer, you can talk to other professional dog trainers in your local area for more information. There are dog training schools as well as some online dog training courses. A certified dog trainer may decide to start their own dog training business. They may offer dog training classes or work individually with an owner and their dog.


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