Pet Mess Cleanup

Posted on May 19 2011 at 07:51:22 AM in How-To

Having a furry companion is a pleasure. Before getting a pet you should be prepared for everything that comes along with it. Unfortunately, accidents can’t be avoided. The best you could do is to equip yourself with a lot of patience and paper towels. Here are some tips on how to remove pet mess without causing further damage.

Acting fast is the key to preventing stains from emerging later on. If you witness the creation of the surprise, don’t panic. Grab some paper towels and blot up the area in order to isolate the stain and prevent it from spreading. If there are any solids present, scrape them with a spoon-shaped object and cover the spot with towels to get rid of any excess moisture. That’s important as the excess moisture could cause mildew. Weigh down the towel with a heavy object and leave it for several hours. You should fight the urge to scrub. Scrubbing is extremely inappropriate and it might ruin the carpet fibers and cause further damage to the carpet. However, getting rid of the stain doesn’t mean your furry friend won’t look for the same place next time. To make sure this won’t happen again you have to remove any residue smell. There are pet odor eliminators available on the market. If you don’t have any at the moment, use baking soda mixed with lavender oil. Cover the spot with baking soda and leave it for a couple of hours. Vacuum the area afterwards. Never use ammonia or ammonia based products when dealing with pet mess. The smell attracts pets and instead of preventing accidents you will definitely provoke one.

If you find an old stain somewhere around the house and especially on the carpet, dampen the area without drowning it because that would help the stain penetrate deeper. You already know the drill – paper towels and blotting. These simple tips should be enough to help you save your home but if your faced with a stubborn stain, call any carpet cleaning Mayfair company or one in the area you live in respectively. All Mayfair Cleaners agree on one thing – better safe than sorry when dealing with pet mess.  

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