Pest Control Tips for Your Home

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Pest Control Tips for Your Home

Sometimes, it does not matter how good housekeeper you are, because the nasty pests find their way to your domestic environment. For instance, if you have pets at home and they live with you in the apartment or house, then your four-legged friends can bring in uninvited guests from the outside such as fleas for instance. And if you have exactly the same problem and now, you are searching for a natural way how to fight the enemy, just read on.


You do not need to use any poisonous chemicals or detergents to get rid of the pests. And here I will give you a few useful pest control tips for your home.


How to Get Rid of Ants


To prevent or remove ants from your domestic environment you should make sure that all crumbs are vacuumed up after eating. After that, wipe all surfaces with a clean rag dampened with lemon juice and distilled vinegar. A few other organic products that you can use to keep the ants away are sliced cinnamon, cucumber peel, fresh garlic and cloves.


How to Remove Fleas


Say goodbye to the uninvited fleas in your home by making a mixture of 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar, 1 cup of water and about 6 drops of cedar oil into a clean, spray bottle. London domestic cleaners spray all bedding and carpets with your homemade solution and then vacuum thoroughly. Do not miss the dark corners and do not forget to do this procedure regularly (at least once a month).


How to Get Rid of Flies


For this one, you should follow the next steps:


  • Take a sheet of brown paper and cut four strips from it. Make a hole in one of the ends of each strip. Put a string through each hole and then tie into a loop in order to hang the string with.


  • Make a mixture of 1 cup of sugar and one cup of water plus 2 tablespoons of honey. Then heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Now, dip each of the brown paper strips into the mixture and let them dry. Then place the strips around your domestic environment.


How to Deal with Cockroaches


To find out how to deal with cockroaches inside your kitchen cabinet here I've prepared an article providing a few excellent tips on the topic. Read it to learn how to solve this unpleasant domestic issue quickly and effectively.


Follow these pest control tips to preserve your home from unwanted guests.


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