Persistence is the key to success

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Persistence is the key to success

Persistence is the key to success in nearly everything. One day of hard work does not make a fortune. Even one year of hard work is likely to not make you a fortune either.

Persistence what you need to keep pushing toward your goals. When a large goal is set you can certainly count on several challenges popping up in front of you that can cause you to doubt your ability. However, this is normal. It is just a test from the Universe that you can see as a gift that will test the strength of your commitment. The first obstacle many people encounter turns into their kryptonite and they use it as an excuse to give up on their dreams. This will lead to a live of frustration and disappointment.

You can take on this challenges willingly as you recommit to your goals and your success. I always have told people to not let others  stop you from reaching your goals.
The perfect example that I have seen on more than one occasion involves becoming a landlord. Many people have the desire to own real estate and become a wealthy land owner. Often they even put together financing, spend hours researching and studying, then even purchasing an investment property. They took initiative and started creating their future nest egg. They are on their way to success until disrespectful tenant decides they should be able to live for free or they don’t like the new landlord. Their method of resistance usually is to not pay rent and then trash the property. It is something every landlord will face if they are in the business for any length of time.

The new landlord immediately is heart-broken and feels victimized as self-doubt begins to over take their positive attitude. They then put the property up for sale and decide to never have anything to do with the business again.
Their persistence muscles were weak and they were put to the test. They could have easily have written this experience off as something every landlord needs to go through to get to the next level and continued to improve their renting strategies over the long-term. 

Most people will not try hard enough or long enough in the face of adversity to see the fruits of their labor.  There are many stories told as folk lore or as fact that have to do with someone giving up on a goal when the rewards of success where just about to fall in their lap.  It is especially important to be aware of the uptick in adversity or challenge that typically happens when we set a different course for our self by taking on a new goal that is way out of our comfort zone. 

Persistence is the quality you have to build up all the time.  You have to build your discipline in order to persist in the face of adversity.  Push foreword when you hit resistance and soon you will make more progress than you ever dreamed possible. 

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