Peace and quiet is served best on an island

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Peace and quiet is served best on an island

Spending time in the islands whether you live there or you are simply enjoying a well deserved holiday is probably one of the more rejuvenating experiences that can be had, unless you happen to be the type that prefers the sound of traffic, bright lights and loud noises. As he boarded the plane he could feel the tension being lifted from his shoulders, this was going to be a well deserved vacation and he planned to make the best use of it. With 7 days to look forward to, his trip to St. Thomas was intended to be an R&R experience that he was not used to. Some of us dream of a vacation that gives us peace of mind, without the distractions like you would get on Gilligan's island, and although that may seem as a bit extreme to a few people, it is exactly what the doctor ordered for people living a high stress lifestyle. For those who have been living a sheltered life, vacations in the islands usually include fun in the sun, relaxing days on the beach, late night activities and a holiday experience that you will not forget for years to come.

Every family has the dream of close knit ties, an economy that will allow them to improve their way of life and a home that memories can be served up in. When things don't fall into place, it can have an adverse effect on husbands and wives and yes even the kids can find it difficult to deal with. After losing her job, Faith found herself slipping into a deep depression, one that she eventually realized could be her downfall. As a single mother of two kids she was not looking forward to the life she saw looming in her future. Although we may not realize it we are all required to roll with the punches and although this may not seem to be the easiest thing to have to adjust to, if we don't prepare ourselves then when changing times times come calling, they could knock us down permanently. There is no need for any equipment to handle this task and we are not expected to be perfect at it, but we are expected to do the best that we can. In some cases the resources that we need to help us cope could be as close as the access that we have to the Internet.

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