Passing on the bad news

Posted on Aug 6 2012 at 02:26:38 PM in Computers & Internet

Passing on the bad news

The message was clear, he would either have to upgrade his hardware or purchase a new computer. This was the kind of information that Bobby did not like to pass on to his clients, especially since it meant that they would have to spend more money. With the look that came from the customers face you could plainly see that this was not pleasant news, in fact if it were possible they might consider killing the messenger. I guess it might not have been a bad idea to send the client her results via text message, at least that would have allowed for a buffer zone, but Bobby did not like to send text messages and in either case it was his responsibility. At least all his customers did not have to deal with such bad news.


As a society we seem to be losing the fight when it comes to dealing with crime, although the powers that be feel confident that it is best to pack these people off to prison and let them rot. I have been a victim of a crime a few times but one thing I have managed to come to terms with and that is, criminals are human beings and should be treated as such. I have watched a few documentaries where the treatment in the prison system has been brought to light and I must say that I am appalled. I understand that when it comes to violent criminals there should be a stronger hand placed on them, butthere are all levels of crime in this country and due to the deplorable conditions of our jail and prison systems, this strategy is going to fail every time.

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