Parents Complain of Children’s "Forced" Arabic Learning

Posted on May 1 2011 at 09:58:15 PM in Cultures & Groups

Parents Complain of Children’s "Forced" Arabic Learning

In a Texas, a school district has revised it’s curriculum after parents are up in arms about the fact that Arabic Studies would be taught to their children.

The program is apart of a 5 year, $1.3 million federal Foreign Language Assistance Program which names Arabic as a “language of the future.” It also recognizes Chinese and Russian as being important languages for more Americans to fluently speak, according to the ‘’ in a recent online article.

How dare the US government recognize the importance of communicating fluently in these languages in the years to come. If anyone wants to communicate with us, they can learn English! (I don’t really believe that so don’t quote me.)

As I read through the article, just as I had both feared and expected, the dreaded ‘Islam’ was mentioned. A word that has practically become a dirty word in the American culture. Why? Because our news and media tell us so.

The parents are furious that their children will be taught about Islam. Since, they say, it’s apart of their culture and language it is bound to come up in lessons.

How is learning about another culture and language so threatening to some of these parent and why can’t they see this as a positive opportunity for their kids? As of now,  Arabic studies courses are not mandatory in the district, but  they are optional for the students.

So I am asking you, Mansfield school district in Texas, to put down your fears and go ahead and let your children learn about Arabic culture and language. It doesn’t mean your kids will convert religions or become terrorist.

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