Panel lady rocks of the artist Leonardo da Vinci ...

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Panel lady rocks of the artist Leonardo da Vinci ...
(Virgin of the Rocks "Virgin Of The Rocks" is currently found in the Museum of London local time) ------ The original mission entrusted by Leonardo Da Vinci is the drawing board Madonna Of The Rocks - Our Lady of rocks - has cost the Society Catholic religious calling itself "the spirit of the pure", which was in need of painting to adorn the centerpiece of the three sections of the altar in their church "The Church of San Francesco "in Milan. The nuns gave Leonardo specific dimensions and details gunned be present in the painting - the Virgin Mary and Child and John the Baptist and Christ Child Aoriel all sheltering in a cave. Although Da Vinci did what was asked but when he gave the work was the group's reaction is disgust and horror. The painting was full of strange and disturbing details, sparking outrage him and the details which he composed in his portrait. Da Vinci had calmed the anxiety of the association of religious painted panel a second copy of the Madonna Of The Rocks - Lady rock - was all the people against their will as the Assembly in proportion to the Catholic Church. And this version are preserved in the Museum of London under the name of the local Virgin Of The Rocks - Virgin of the Rocks - "
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