Paleo Jalapeno Glazed Chicken Recipe

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Paleo Jalapeno Glazed Chicken Recipe

Paleo diet recipes are not boring and tasteless. Paleo spiced chicken breast recipe. Chicken rubbed with spices and herbs to enhance taste. When chicken baked for approximately 15 minute marinate with delicious jalapeno sauce. Serve over cauliflower florets (substitute rice). Learn the advantages of marinated and rubbed chicken. Enjoy!


-          4  skinless and boneless chicken breast

-          4 jalapenos (chopped)

-          1 medium pitted and sliced green bell pepper

-          1 medium pitted and sliced yellow bell pepper

-          2 teaspoons fresh chopped parsley

-          2 teaspoons chili powder

-          1 teaspoon thyme

-          1 teaspoon ground cumin

-          2 teaspoon sea salt to taste

-          1 teaspoon black pepper

-          2 tablespoons raw honey

-          Juice 2 fresh limes

-          1 cup chicken broth


Preheat oven 450 degrees F

  • Small bowl mix chili powder, cumin, thyme, sea salt and black pepper. Rub chicken breasts with spice mixture. (optional continue cooking chicken breast or arrange on baking sheet, cover and refrigerate for 1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Medium saucepan combine chicken broth, honey, lime juice, sliced jalapenos, parley, slice green and yellow bell peppers. Cook at medium high heat until mixture thickens and vegetable soften.
  • Arranged seasoned chicken breast on baking sheet. Place in preheat oven and cook for approximately 15 minutes. Baste chicken with marinated mixture cook additional for 45 minutes until chicken thoroughly cooked.
  • Serve.

    Jalapeno chicken usually serves with rice. The Paleo Diet rice is excluded. Great replacement for rice can be Paleo Cauliflower Recipe.  Cauliflower is a vegetable closely related to broccoli but its florets tend to be white and are denser and more compact. Cauliflower can be eaten raw or cooked.

    Cauliflower Recipe


    -          1 medium cauliflower

    -          Sea salt to taste (optional)

    Boiling Preparation

    - Keep refrigerated and unwashed until ready to cook.

    - Outer leaves should be removed.

    - In core of cauliflower place deep X.

    - 3 1/2 quarts of salted boiling water place whole cauliflower stem first.

    - Cook for approximately 20 -25 minutes and remove cauliflower.

    - Let cauliflower cool.

    - Once cauliflower has cooled cut cauliflower to a rice-like consistency.



    There are dry rubs and paste rubs. Rubs are a blend of seasoning. The blend can vary but generally the blends are coarse pepper (white/black), paprika, garlic powder and variety of herbs. Rubs add flavor, retains moisture (seals juices) and sometimes forms a crust. Paste rubs are held together by moisture (water, oil, soy sauce, Worchester sauce or horseradish) and generally will add a crust to the chicken. Check that rub ingredients are allowed in Paleo Diet Recipes some rubs suggested (soy sauce, Worchester and etc not allow in Paleo Diet).


    Marinade Chicken: Marinades help prevent chicken from drying out during cooking and adds flavor. Marinade chicken in the refrigerator. Boneless and skinless chicken pieces marinade quickly from 15 to 120 minutes. Marinating is an ancient art of tenderizing meat and improving flavor. Acids like vinegar or lemon juice are used in marinade tenderizers. Marinades for flavor vary from spicy, sour, sweet & sour, smoky and sour. Ingredients vary with herbs, spices, vegetables, wine, and a wide range of other ingredients. When a marinade is designed as a tenderizer, it includes an acid like vinegar or lemon juice. The acid attacks and softens the fibrous connective tissue between the muscles, making the muscle less stringy. Acid penetration also flavors the meat. The longer meat is marinated the more tender and flavored it becomes.

    Cook Paleo Style Diet Designed by Mother Nature.

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