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Posted on Nov 30 2012 at 07:14:14 AM in Health

With each generation born on our earth new realities are created.  The way your grandparents were raised vs. the way your grandchildren and their children were raised or will be raised is totally unique to their generation.


This is not only in a technological way but even closer to the soul - their thought processes.   Life is indeed amazing.  Back in the 1920’s Florence Scovel Shinn spoke powerful words in her book about The Game of Life.   She mentioned that, “Man has ever a silent listener at his side- his subconscious mind. Every thought, every word is impressed upon it and carried out in amazing detail. It is like a singer making a record on the sensitive disc of the phonographic plate.  Every note and tone of the singer’s voice is registered.  If he coughs or hesitates, it is registered also. So let us break all the old bad records in the subconscious mind, the records of our lives which we do not wish to keep, and make new and beautiful ones.”  This visionary statement was well before its time and speaks volumes today.


Once there was a phonograph known as a record player, then came 8 tracks, cassettes, cd’s and now songs/information can be downloaded faster than it takes to read this blog from the internet.  These generational changes may be different and the way we think about them is different however, human thought and words continue to be programed into our subconscious mind.


Across our planet many healing modalities are rising up to help human kind.  There is a reason for this.  Our planet’s vibration has increased and the human population  upon it needs to increase as well.  This awakening of human perception crossing over from a mind filled with clutter and a lifetime’s worth of baggage is seeking new ways to transform their negative thoughts and actions into something far more productive. No matter what healing modality, or positive affirmations are sought out humans are being healed and our vibration is rising.


Long ago, a man named Isaiah pointed out “My word shall not return unto me a void, but shall accomplish that where unto it is sent.”  According to F. S. Shinn, “ We now know, that words and thoughts are a tremendous vibratory force, ever molding man’s body and affairs.” What we put out, comes back to us.


When a person becomes aware of the power of thought and word they are careful of their conversation out loud and within.  Our subconscious mind draws in what we think and speak.  Ridding ourselves of beliefs held in the subconscious mind makes us lighter and brighter with higher vibrations.  Love is and has the highest vibration. When we can focus our lives on the Creator’s Love Energy life becomes wondrous in many ways.


I use the name Creator.   You may use a different name such as God, Yahweh, Divine, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Creator Of All There Is,  Jehovah, Heavenly Father or something else.  None are wrong.  The Energy that gives life to all is there for each and everyone of us on this planet.  Theta Healing teaches us to rid ourselves of life’s baggage and focus on The Energy of God.  Theta is not a religion we focus humankind on the Force of all Forces.  The Energy that you can learn to use too.


Theta Healing is a most amazing healing modality.  www.coatitheta.com


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