Our Cloaking Device

Posted on May 6 2012 at 01:21:06 PM in Personal

Our Cloaking Device

We were travelling through the Kootnay's in BC and it was Africa hot.  I was sitting on my bitch pad admiring the amazing views and absorbing the sun.  When on the back, I do zone out from time to time emersed in my own thoughts...this would be said time.

What the? All of a sudden the bike takes a huge swerve not only waking me up from my reverie but tosses me about.  I look beside me and there is now a car sharing our lane?  I am looking at this woman yelling and she is oblivious to the fact she just turned onto the highway beside a motorcycle...I say beside, due to the amazing reactive skills my husband has.

She's not even noticing me yelling - I stop, look around, and then it dawned on me....we must have our cloaking device on.  Otherwise, how else could she not freaking see us?  Not too mention hear our Vance and Hines pipes.

I lean forward and ask Bart to turn off the cloaking device....he starts to laugh.

Now, cloaking devices to some are security blankets (ask any Jedi!) to motorcyclists, not so much. I wish they didn't build them into motorcycles but I guess until people driving cars or trucks come to realize we SHARE the road - they will remain intact.

Bart and I have used our cloaking device a few times apparently - that's another negative to having these - we don't know when then are going to cloak the bike - thank God for the idiot drivers on the road who point it out.

As the bitch pad rider, I can sometimes prevent the use of cloaking and I do my best when I spot the signs...otherwise, it's our amazing front seat riders who save the day...


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