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BP Trade Show - Your affordable marketing tool for reaching a National Audience!


With the cost of Traditional Advertising and Marketing skyrocketing - providing a questionable ROI - it has become more difficult, if not impossible, for small to medium sized firms to gain a regional and national exposure for their Plans, Products and Services!


While many of these "Boutique Operations" may provide clients opportunities equal to, if not better than, larger and financially stronger national firms, they have limited affordable outlets for reaching potential clients. Traditional magazine ads, multiple yellow page type listings, regional seminars, mailings, call centers, physical trade shows, etc. are not affordable and generally ineffective!


BP Trade Show has been designed and priced to provide all parties in the Insurance & Benefits Industries - Carriers, Consultants, Wholesalers, PAs, Brokers, Agents, TPAs, etc. an affordable and broad based portal to the Buyers of Plans, Programs, and Services.


In addition, we created BenefitPlace - a Research Center for those with questions about Insurance & Benefits - as a natural funnel to BP Trade Show.   Those who visit BenefitPlace are qualifying themselves as potential Buyers of Plans, Programs &/or Services!  As their questions are answered on an unbiased basis, they can proceed to BP Trade Show to find the Suppliers that meet their needs.


BP Trade Show offers the opportunity to be listed in -- Plan, Product or Service Specific Directories, Company Profile Pages, Plan/Service Profile Pages, assistance in creating Linked Landing Pages, and more.  

BP Trade Show utilizes SEO, Search Engine Optimization, to direct the Interested Parties/Potential Buyers to your information and to you!


For information on how to more affordabably market your organization with a measurable ROI, email:


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