Open letter to the Hip-hop community

Posted on Feb 19 2012 at 12:13:52 PM in Society & Culture

“He alone who controls the youth, gains the future” - Adolph Hitler  The 90’s axiom described as "Godwin’s Law”,  has been loosely interpreted to state the following. "The first person to invoke Hitler in an argument looses said argument.” I find that particular statement to have as much validity as, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.” Adolph Hitler was a master manipulator on the micro and macro level. He used words and influence to get thousands of Germans to kill Millions of Jews. He did this using nothing more than words and rhetoric. The Hip-hop community is in many ways keeping that tradition alive through similar methods. 

Music has always been more important to the African American community, than other groups. Fact : We are the only people with no homeland and no language of our own.When the slave masters first brought our ancestors to America, one of the first things they did was to separate fellow tribesmen. The reason this was done, was to keep slaves from communicating in a language THEY could not understand. What this in turn did, was force African slaves to speak english. Music became a way for us to tell our story, communicate with one another and keep tradition alive. When Harriet Tubman arrived at plantations to free slaves, they learned of her presence when they heard her sing coded songs like “Steal Away.”  Harriet Tubman famously said “ I  freed a thousand slaves , I would have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Are you picking up what I’m putting down ? Let me be clear. YOU HIP-HOP “ARTISTS" ARE CORRUPTING AN IMPORTANT CULTURAL DELIVERY DEVICE WITH POISON!! 

African American men comprise just 6.25% of the overall population in America. Yet somehow, we make up almost 50 % of the total prison population…Of Two million people!! Is Hip-hop solely responsible for this ? Absolutely NOT! Not by a long shot! The purposeful implantation of drugs and gun’s in our communities  is always a modern place to start. What really augmented that attempted genocide though, was the laws that were established to maximize opportunities presented by this action. Ie: the Rockefeller Drug laws. I could go on with this point, but i wont. My aim is not to discuss external forces corrupting OUR people. My aim is to address the matter of Industry accountability.  Many people in the African American community (in my view) are good at practicing “cognitive dissonance.” R-Kelley can “allegedly"  urinate in a child’s mouth on tape, but as long as he continues to make hot music we give him a pass. If you think I'm lying go to one of our clubs, parties or weddings. I believe that we elevate entertainers to such high levels in our culture based on our history. 

When Jack Johnston won the heavy weight title back in 1908, he was not alone in that ring. With him he held the collective pride of an entire people. The same goes for Sugar Ray Robinson, Jackie Robinson and countless others. Throughout the history of this country, entertainment was the one area in which we could excel. Thus, it is understandable why we traditionally behaved like this. My question to my people is, what is our excuse now ? Why do we still allow entertainers so much power, without asking for SOME level of accountability ? While doing research for a project,  I found a reoccurring motif within hip-hops most popular website, World Star Hip-hop. WSHH allows up and coming “artists” to showcase their videos alongside professionals  already in the business. I challenge anyone reading this blog to randomly pick any 10 videos on WSHH and see how long it takes to hear the N-word. Try it and see for yourself!  I GUARANTEE you will hear it spewed in at least 8 out of 10 songs. Why is this ? 

 The N-word has completely metastasized  itself within Hip-hop music and the larger African American community like a cancer. “N” this “N” that! “My “N’s” this N’s that. If you wish to argue this point, then you are  either delusional, ignorant or lying. Did Hip-hop start this ugly trend? NO! What Hip-hop did was to commercialize and export it. Walk around any urban area and have a listen for yourself. I hear kids as young as 7 and 8 in the streets screaming "Fuck you N” to their friends. Our young men now believe that going to jail is a rite of passage like some sort of "Bro-mitzvah."  “Yo,  that’s the parents fault,”  is one of the main arguments I hear. Of course it is…to a degree. Reread the part where I talk about drugs and external factors. What I want to know is what are WE going to do about it ? Do we have “stockholm syndrome" or something ? Only a brainwashed fool would run around commercializing a word that was used to enslave and oppress our people. The word is so common in our lives now that it takes on this kind of seemingly innocuous form. It may seem harmless, but like carbon monoxide, just because you can’t detect it, doesn’t mean it won’t kill you just the same. Just because YOU can’t see the negative effects or correlation, does not mean they don’t exist. 

So why the N-word ? Don’t we have bigger problems ? Of course we do, I get that. My point is, I believe the N-word is something akin to a virus,  a social virus, but a virus nonetheless, small and deadly. Even the strongest man in the world can be weakened by a virus. How can we tackle larger issues like racism, poverty, jobs, education and housing when we can’t even stop calling each other the N-word ? Hip-hop may not bear this responsibility alone,  but it sure does nothing to combat the negativity that it produces. As a matter of fact, hip hop has spread it around so that now others are calling themselves “N’s."  “But that’s a good thing right, Now weeze all Ns!” “No-No dumb-dumb,” what you have done is allowed multiculturalism to usurp your ability to protest it!  This is why I have to argue with" mo-rons" in other ethnic groups that say things like, “It’s just a word.” …So is stupid! “Slavery was a long time ago,  let it go,” fuck you, you let it go! Our people are still suffering the negative affects of slavery to this day. I’ll let it go when that issue is no longer the case.  As long as these millionaire, ignorant, self hating sellout “rappers” are leading our kids to jail and death like the pied piper, I will keep combating them. 

If Adolf Hitler were alive today he would be so proud of the Hip-hop community. He would say, "look at this, the black mongrel dogs are so broken, that they now hate and kill each other, wunderbar!!” He would be amazed to see that his theories about repetitive propaganda have now been actualized. “He alone who controls the youth gains the future.”  Hip-hop without a doubt has control of our youth. The question is what are you going to do about it now ? 

"And as Rome burned, Nero fiddled on,” or as the African American community burned,  Jay-Z ordered, another bottle and blazed up!

Go Lakers!!!

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