Online Advertising for Small Business

Posted on Sep 1 2010 at 04:51:30 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Online Advertising for Small Business

Website? Check!  Vistors? Lacking!

Many small businesses now have their own websites to compliment their marketing efforts, however one of the most common issues I hear from owners during initial marketing audits is that their not receiving sufficient or qualified traffic to their websites. Although there are a few solid foundational methods for driving traffic, for the purposes of this article I’d like to focus on the benefits of online display advertising.


Know Your Options

Ever see those ads on Yahoo, MSNBC, CNN or USA Today? Or notice the online ads on your local news or TV websites? These sites are accessed by many and are visited daily. Local small business now has the opportunity for exposure on their sites without the national cost. Because of geo-targeting capabilities, you as a local business owner can now target your selling area by utilizing a specified mile radius around your physical store location. This allows your ads to only show within your marketing area, thus avoiding any and all waste. Since all computers have a unique IP Address, this identifies the exact location (down to latitude and longitude) it’s being accessed from, therefore, only users in the area you specific via zip code, city or county will see your ads.



Make An Impression

With most any media vehicle, media is often planned using Reach & Frequency data. This data allows for a better understanding of how many people will see an ad (reach) and how many times a consumers will see it over a given period of time (frequency). In the online world, impressions is how the exposure is measured. Through virtually all online advertising options, you can set your exposure level for a given period of time. For example, you can purchase 50,000, 80,000 or more impressions each month, paying accordingly by impression level. This gives you more control from a budgetary perspective, especially at the initial stages so you can prepare for monitor responses, enhance/tweak how you respond or change your call to action before spending additional marketing dollars.


No Need to Break the Bank

As a small business owner, the marketing investment challenge is always about value and return on investment. Media cost is commonly calculated as Cost Per Thousand (CPM), and if it isn’t presented this way you should be calculating it out like this to compare apples-to-apples. Direct mail and print can cost as high as $50 per thousand ($50 CPM), while radio and local TV average at $40 CPM.

Because online advertising is typically 70% less than most traditional forms of advertising and provides some flexibility and benefits that traditional forms doesn’t offer, this media option is well suited for small business. For small businesses, online adverting is definitely worthwhile to consider as an option for you to incorporate in to your media plans. We’re always looking for a competitive edge and online advertising can be an excellent method to promote your business, service and products in a cost-effective, efficient way.








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