One Piece – Salome Free Paper Toy

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One Piece – Salome Free Paper Toy

This paper toy is the Salome, based on the manga / Anime / Game series “One Piece”, this paper craft was created by João Viera. There is another Salome papercraft here: One Piece – Boa Hancock and Snake. Salome is Boa Hancock’s personal Snake Weapon.

Salome is a large white snake with large pink spots running down its body. The underside of its body is pale yellow, with thin horizontal black lines across it. It wears a horned skull with a couple of cracks on top of its head, has blue hair jutting out from the back of the skull, and is usually seen with what appears to be a smile. In the manga, Salome’s skin was seen as a shade of pink that was lighter than the spots running down its body.

For a snake, Salome appears to be a friendly and fun loving snake. He is very close to Hancock and cares about her well-being, such as when she was sick he showed to be worried over her condition. No matter the situation, Salome is always seen smiling. Salome seems to be fond of food, such as eating the food on the Marine ship with Luffy and even showing enjoyment on his part.

As an oversized Snake Weapon, Salome usually curls itself into a chair for Boa Hancock to sit on, similar to a throne. It also has curled itself as a spiral for supporting her. Because of its size, she can use Salome to gain a height advantage in order to effectively use her Slave Arrow as an aerial bombardment technique. It also has the ability to track down things on the ocean floor, shown when it was able to sense Whitebeard’s seaquake before it arrived and when she helped Hancock follow Trafalgar Law’s submarine.

About the paper craft:
Height: 14 cm
Difficulty: Medium
Pages: 1
Format: PDO/ PDF

You can download the snake One Piece – Salome Free Paper Toy Download

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