One of the Best Horror Novelists (A zombocalype Nightmare)

Posted on May 15 2012 at 10:17:43 AM in Literature

Where do I start you guys this book has
me talking about it to everyone I see. First of all those of you that already
are familiar with my blogging ,then should already know my thoughts on the
author Rhiannon Frater. She is phenomenally awesome . She knows how to write a
horror novel that will keep you stuck from page Uno (1) !! All


First Day’s By Rhiannon Frater


Story starts out with this poor
girl, her name is  Jennie. Jennie has a hell of a morning . Standing at her front door
it’s a march morning . Staring at these little fingers clawing threw the bottom
edge of the front door,from the inside. Scrapping and just scraping themselves
raw,trying to reach her! Banging coming from all angles inside her home. From
her dead husband and kids hungry for her flesh .She awoke to an zombocalype
Nightmare!! Poor Jennie marriage from Hell was
already rocking on the rocks. That this poor girl awoke to her abusive husband
snacking on her son. As you can only in vision from there the true horror from
that point. At that point and I'm skipping area’s so I don’t contain much of
spoiler. She is then rescued by a soon to be bestie named Katie ,who her self
was rescued and happen to gain a truck out of it. From this nightmare in Texas
on’, these girls are filled with pure fear and horror in there lives now. Now
they have to figure out what to do from there,on. Can’t head towards downtown,
because everyone knows the population is much greater in the city. Which only
means more walking dead. Read this novel if your in the mood for an awesome
zombie tale . This is it, this book really keeps you up late,heart pumping and
emotions rolling. I give Rhiannon Frater 6 stars fir this emotionally charged
horror! Truly terrifying thought of a reality. . .

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