Ogunquit, Fireflies, Daisies and Dog Poop

Posted on Apr 9 2012 at 10:06:48 PM in Literature


Two November girls
scatter his ashes at sea;
sad wild waves thunder.


The Learning Curve

I deserted you
because I learned that your heart
was telling mine lies


Dating Tips

A crappy blind date?

He makes his move: You play dead—

just like a 'possum.


How to be Popular

First day at school and

Eager to be accepted—

New kid picks a fight.


Haiku #111

Swollen gray clouds sweat

Wild with anticipation:

Get thee hence, blue skies!


Mutual Separation Anxiety

Sad leaves fall as my

Mom waves a blurry goodbye--

The first day of school.


Shasta Daisies

Fresh dew sparkling their petals--

A dog poops nearby.


Willow Tree's Leaves Sweep--

Whispering to blades of grass:

Passing snake hears all.



Confused hostages;

Prisoners of a glass jar--

Glow worms plot revenge!






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