Obama: Good or Evil?

Posted on Oct 26 2010 at 03:13:32 PM in Society

Obama: Good or Evil?
Obama: Good or Evil?

It was just two years ago that everybody saw in the Obama’s election to the presidency of the most powerful nation a sign of change, a change for the better, especially in the political reality left by the Bush years. America was to become the beacon that everybody would follow, a beacon signifying a renaissance bringing prosperity, hope, justice, and something that all the people could be proud of.
I have never seen so much hope in the eyes of so many people especially for the African/American population. Here was a dream come true for a people that at one time was subjected to slavery, and what a moment to symbolize the freedom gained after so many tortuous years. Now a black man was in the White House, what was considered impossible just two decades ago is reality now. Everybody saw this as an omen of immeasurable change and as such the hopes were high, too high, but that is what the Nation was looking for. Magically everything is going to be transformed and we will be forever happy.
What a load of overblown hopes was being placed on one man! How was it possible that so many changes were to happen in such a brief time? And how was it possible to do it, even for a president, when he does not have the full support of the political party that brought him to the top? Both the Senate and the Congress have become centers of political largesse bestowed to lobbies that support each candidate election. There is not political view for the common good! The only policy these people have is how they can get elected to the next term, nothing also matters. Until every politician in the land, and not only in the United States but everywhere, fights for what is right for the Nation and not for individual gain, thinks are all going to get worse, and the proof is there for anyone to see. Everyone is tired of the same selfishness and mendacity of our representatives, despair has filled our souls where before there was nothing but hope for a better future, and that was what Obama meant to everybody.
I believe that too many hopes were placed on the man, because in the end he is just a man. So, is he good or evil? Time will tell. He has tried but his hands are tied and real change will not happen, not now.
Do not forget that quite few people hate him with a passion, they hate him for what he stands for, his policies, his beliefs and especially because he is black (he is a Muslim in disguise). We as people can only hope that these differences will not cause the political system to collapse, or is it what we hope for?

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