Nursery Raising And Transplantation

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Nursery Raising And Transplantation

Dendrobium ooloilr Lindl. (DendroNten Lindleyanurn Griff.1—A very popular robust species and most widely grown, native to South China, Nepal, Himalayas, Thailand, V ietNam, Laos and Formosa; produce blooms during April-May. The pseudo bulbs are arching or erect, rather stout, the nixing irregularly swollen, mostly yellowish green, growing 60 to 90 an tall. The leaves are red ucous, falling only after flowering, leathery, dark glossy green, up to 12.5 cm long and 3 cm broad. Inflorescence is 1103  flowered, short, arises from the upper nodes of the old leafless pseudo bulbs. The flowers are fragrant, long lasting up to 10 cm across, waxy, white tinted with amethyst. The lip is purple margined white in color. Several horticultural variants are available in U. nebile and some varieties are floriferous as the type am much cultivated. The most interesting are var. Cooksonemum Veitch; petals are dark purple; var. nobaus Rchb.f., octets and sepals am pink purple; var. Sanderiana Rchb.f., sepals and petals are dark purple edges with pink except the extremity which is white.

Dendrobient Pierardi Rxob. (Deedrobiam naullatum R. Br.)---The species inhabit Himalayas to Burma, China and India; and produce flowers during March-April. The pseudo bulbs am thin, very elongated, 60 to 75 cm long, stem like, pendulous or drooping. The leaves are salt textured, deciduous, lanceolate, acuminate, up to /0 cm long. Flowers are 5 cm across, fragrant, short lived, pale pink with yellow lip streaked with red in the throat, crowed in two's or three's. This floriferous species is used for covering bare walls and also grown as hanging basket.

Dendrobium speciosum Stn.—A robust species belonging to Australia and New Guinea, and blooms during autumn and early winter. Pseudo bulbs are variable, usually very swollen about 90 cm long, conical, terminated by 2 to 4 leaves. The leaves are apical, persistent, rigidly leathery 10 25 on long. Numerous flowers am closely set in pendent thyrses of 60 to 75 cm long. The sepals and petals are narrow, cream white, lip yellowish spotted with dark purple. Flowers are fragrant.

Dendrobium spectabilis IBLIMiq. (Dendrobison tigrin um Rolfe. ex liemst—It is native to New Guinea and Solomon Islands; produce flowers dining summer and autumn. The pseudo bulbs club shaped, somewhat flattened. up to 600w long. The inflorescence with fewer, larger flowers. The flowers are 7.5 cm in diameter, cream to pale greenish in color with mottled dull purple veins. The lip is white at base and yellowish

Derelrobiwn X supethiene Rchb.f. (Derefrobium Gelded Rchb.f.)—A natural hybrid between D. Okuda,' LAI. and D. bigiNnen 1.41. vat Phateenepsis (Fitzg.) F.M. Bail., found in Nothem Australia, Torris Straits and New Guinea; blooms during autumn and early winter. The pseudo bulbs am 13w tall. The inflorescence is 90 cm long, grarefully ardeng, produce nearly 20 flowers which open in succession over a long period. The flowers are 7,50w in diameter, deep rose shaded Fe mottled with magenta purple.

Dendrobium Munn:Flamm Rchb.f. (Dentirobium enraleile 0' Brien.)-11 Ls a spreies from Himalayas to Burma and Thailand, produce flowers during winter and spring. The pseudo bulbs are club shaped w:th several slight ridges, 30 to 45 cm long, cylindrical. The leaves are coriaceous, persistent, in pairs of three's at the extremity of pseudo bulbs. Irdloresence is pendulous and densely many flowered. The flowers am fl cm across, sepals and petals white, lip orange yellow, pubescent, gently undulated.

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