Nothing to dampen the spirits

Posted on Jun 1 2012 at 06:42:28 AM in Finance & Investment

Nothing to dampen the spirits

When the Costa Concordia cruise liner collided with a reef on that fateful Friday back in January, the entire cruising population began looking at things from a whole new perspective, especially since more than thirty people lost their lives. With technology being as advanced as it is, it was easy to witness the speed of sharing of information at work through every means possible. Whether you were a regular cruiser or never set foot aboard a cruise liner before, the pictures that were being spread were terrifying onlookers so much that many decided to cancel their upcoming trip on the high seas. Travel agents were reporting that their was a natural rush for the door as the news spread across the globe about the disaster, leaving the cruise industry in chaos.


The fact that this disaster was in the news everywhere we turned was no help, coupled with the fact that it must of brought back memories to everyone who ever saw the movie Titanic. It did not take long for reports to become available that major cruise liners were receiving  marked reductions in their usual bookings, in fact speculation was rife that the industry would need to offer huge reductions in their fares to stay afloat. As the weeks progressed, other big name vessels contributed to an already slipping industry through fires on the Allure of the Seas and Costa Allegra. Although the cruise industry is still licking its wounds as it deals with the aftermath of the damaged vessel, they never turned to the speculated price slashing of fares that some had hoped for. Newer and larger vessels are being introduced to the cruising public and as increased safety precautions are being initiated, the Concordia disaster is quickly becoming a distant memory.

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