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Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 05:50:28 AM in House & Garden

Do you like shopping for tools and equipment at Northern Tools? You might find that some of the prices are not to your likely or you might have had problems with them that have made you question dealing with them again. If this is the case you might want to consider going to some of their competitors except when you want to make good use of Northern Tool discount. There are several companies that offer tools and other equipments that is high quality and reasonably priced. Here are a few of them to get you started. 


Harbor Freight Tools


In terms of competition, Harbor Freight Tools is one of the biggest around for Northern Tools. The company has been in business for a long time, since 1977. The store prides itself on offering quality tools at quality prices. You will find just as a big a selection of tools and equipment here as you would find at Northern Tools. 




We are all familiar with Home Depot because we see their commercials on television. Home Depot is not a family owned business like Northern Tools though, but this does not mean you cannot get what you want from them. You can shop on the internet for all the tools and equipment you would need for home improvement. You can find power tools, non power tools, and equipment for just about any type of job you are thinking about doing. 


Lowes Home Improvement


Lowes is very similar to Home Depot. You will find when you shop there that the quality of service you receive is very good. The products are not low quality either, they are made to be superior. Expect to get very useful advice when you shop at Lowes. You can find appliances, paint, furniture, flooring, tools, powertools, hardware, and more. 


Ace Hardware Store


Ace Hardware is a brand name that we all recognize. These stores are usually located in all sorts of places, even within neighborhoods. So people have easy access to them. They are good competition to Northern Tools, but might not offer the variety and selection you want. You can go to their website to get advice and ask questions. You will find painting supplies, garden supplies, hardware and tools, and whatever else you  might need for the most part. is a website that allows you to save up to 75% on a large selection of power tools, hardware, automotive equipments, as well as different home improvement supplies. You are not going to be limited when it comes to the brands you will be able to find here. You will be able to pick from thousands of well known brands. A great alternative to Northern Tools and definitely a good competitor when it comes to price. 


These competitors of Northern Tools are all good, and they are going to provide you with even more options so you never have to be dependent on any one source of tools and other equipment. Price shop in order to be sure you are getting the best value for your money and make sure you are always getting the best deal in terms of shipping.

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