Noreve Tradition B Case for iPad Review

Posted on Jun 14 2012 at 06:30:47 AM in Hardware

Noreve Tradition B Case for iPad Review

When purchasing new products there’s nothing I appreciate more than having that product being wonderfully packaged. It may seem sad but half the pleasure of using a new product comes in the form of un-boxing it and seeing it beautifully laid out and presented. This was showcased by Noreve when the Tradition B iPad 2 case arrived. The packing was a simple yet elegant with a red cardboard box and a black lid with the Noreve and their logo etched into it. Lifting the lid off revealed a beautiful handcrafted 100% leather black iPad 2 case.

Noreve state on their website that the black traditional leather case is available for delivery straight away. The other 21 colours or textures are available within 15 days in order to allow their artisans to handcraft the case for you. This in no way means that the traditional black case has less attention spent on it, it would just suggest they have produced more as this tends to be a more favourable colour and texture.

When you first set eyes and your hands on the case, you can see and feel the quality of craftsmanship straight away. The front of the case is left blank with the only detail being a small metallic badge of the Noreve’s logo in the bottom right of the case. On the back there is a cut out for the rear facing camera and a slight ridge a third of the way across from the left (more on this later).

The case has cut outs so all the iPad's ports and buttons are exposed such as the speaker grill, volume rockers, earphone jack etc, providing easy access. Even though these areas are exposed the case makes them recessed so if you do happen to drop your iPad the case will still protect these areas.

The inside of the case is where the detail can really be seen. The Noreve name has been embossed repeatedly in a diagonal pattern across the whole of the inside of the case. The left hand side has three groves which act as stand placements. The right hand side is where the iPad holdings are placed to securely fasten your iPad.

The grove mentioned earlier on the back of the case is where you can fold the case in order to slide your iPad into the case from left to right. Once securely positioned in the right hand holdings, you can push down on the left hand side of your iPad in order to fully secure the device into the other fastenings. Once the iPad is in place it is completely secure, so much so that you can hold the case upside down with the device firmly in place without risk of falling out.

Whilst the iPad is secure completely the Noreve case acts like any other traditional case. Whilst using the device the case provides a comfortable grip when the case is folded over. When closed the case fastens securely meaning there is no risk of it accidently popping open at all. When closed the iPad is protected on all sides and the case is padded enough for it to withstand potential falls. The case also contains magnets therefore given its self the ability to lock your iPad when the case is closed, and then awakening the device when opened.

The last notable feature of this case is the ability to use it as a stand. In order to do so you can take the left hand side of the iPad out and then place it into the groves that are in the left hand side of the case. This gives 4 different viewing angles, three from the three groves and the last one being from the fasteners that are curved for when you close the case properly.

This feature however presents its own set of problems that makes this case somewhat of a burden also. The fact that the iPad is so secure in the case, trying to get the left hand part of the device out becomes a challenge onto its self.  The only way I’ve found that is effective is by using one finger placed where the cut out is for the earphone jack and pulling the iPad up until it pops out, which isn’t the most elegant of ways to do so. Although you get 4 viewing angles, there is no angle in order to use the device with its on screen keyboard. This is a shame as the case is geared towards a business design so one would expect for people to be using this during meetings etc.

Although there are negatives with this case it is still a fabulous case to use in protecting you device. The real leather feels great every time you touch and look at the case.  The leather could be prone to scratch’s, however with care the gorgeous look can be maintained. The case is on the expensive side but for a handcrafted product you are paying for the excellence that this case exudes.

This case ticks every box, although the stand feature is hard to use and does not feature an angle for typing. The case is beautiful and protects your iPad completely whilst giving you access to all the necessary areas. This has become my primary case for protecting my iPad whilst I’m lugging it around in my backpack every day, knowing full well it’s always protected. If you own an iPad or purchasing an iPad 3, you will be complimenting your device with the luxury and protection that it deserves with this case. 


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