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Posted on Feb 4 2010 at 08:20:10 AM in Medicine

Normally I would say that I am a fairly strong person...but lately...lately I've been a big mush. It all started when I got pregnant.

And I hafta say - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Yea I love being a mush. If you knew me in High School you would know how huge that is (I was very much into hiding my feelings and trusting no one type chick - yeah I was a loner and very weird [well, I'm still weird but...wait I talk waaay to darn much!]).

Anywho...Lil D made his first HUGE step toward big boy-hood. He rolled over!

I don't know if it really counts cause he was screaming bloody murder (boy does he hate that tummy time). Aw who am I kidding - this is HUGE!

One thing though - he is now holding his head up better on tummy time. He lasts a lot longer on tummy time than he used to (which was a total of like 3 days


Oh yeah, another thing. He's constipated (probably the major reason for him screaming bloody murder earlier). My poor baby. All this new stuff is screwing up his body. So anyways, I called the doctor who told me to use KARO Syrup. So I went online saw so many people singing its praise - but also people saying how dangerous it is (it can cause botulism in infants if not taken correctly).

I did though give him half of what the doctor said (well I will since he hasn't drank his bottle yet). So now he has a bottle full of 2.5 tbsp rice cereal, 5oz formula and 1tsp KARO syrup. I made two bottles of this - ya know as a just in case. The first I'll give him the one bottle overnite and see how things go. If he hasn't gone by tomorrow afternoon, I'll try the second bottle.

Wonder how it'll all turn out...I will keep ya in the know.

Lord please protect my son. I commit him to you...I surrender his life into your capable hands.

Medical Disclaimer: Hey Ya'll! Just wanted to tell ya that any and all medical information on my blog is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical ADVICE! What I offer in my posts is my opinion and knowledge sharing, please contact your primary care provider for medical ADVICE.

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