New Year’s Resolution Saying Goodbye to all that I love

Posted on Jan 2 2013 at 09:44:33 AM in Humor

The trouble with making a New Year’s resolution it usually involves saying goodbye to something you love. You know, chocolate, TV, and various things that aren’t good for us but are just plain good.

As our world is moving to a much more health conscious one it saddens me to see candy so victimize. I have never met a calorie I didn’t know and love yet they are the fall of western civilization; well according to most.

New York City seems to be on a mission to stamp out all sweets. The attack on soft drinks has been well publicized, what’s next. I guess before long Mayor Bloomberg will be running the streets snagging suckers and candy from babies. Oh, the shame of it all.

There is nothing wrong with sweets, really there isn’t. Maybe the issue is self-control. I think if you drink a two-liter of pop and down a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream while eating a triple hamburger you may have a self-control problem.

If you drive to the gym and see two cars and go home because it is “too full”, yeah you need to look at your self-control.

If your dog knows that anytime there is a rattle of a wrapper in the house to come running to you for candy self-control is an issue.

I love eating healthy, but the nuts and berries need to be coated in chocolate in order for me to eat them. Okay so self-control is an issue.

Having battled cancer the last several years has caused me to exhibit some strong willpower and self-control, but it is not easy.  I was born setting on a porch talking about life with a Moonpie and RC Cola. Nothing wrong with each just that I will make sure that self-control is my resolution and not saying goodbye to the things I love.


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