New's Roundup for the past 2 weeks :D

Posted on Feb 13 2012 at 08:28:09 PM in Software

Hey folks! Work has been draining most of my energy and I wasn't able to post anything for quite a while, and to be exact...13 days... yay for the number 13...

Anyway, I did some research and will basically summarize what's goin on in the wonderful world of Android. Also a quick teaser...for our YouTube channel, we will have some real exciting stuff coming soon, so stay tuned :D

So without further a due let's begin:


Ice Cream Sandwich:

ICS pops up again with many many Android users questioning when they will be getting it! HTC finally confirmed that the Sensation and XE will be having a fully functional release at the end of March also for a few other models.

As for ASUS, they promised ICS on the Original Transformer, TF101 within the first week of Feb...I guess it's not happening. They re-made a statement saying that it will arrive at the end of this month, so let's cross our fingers and hope they keep to their word.

 As for Samsung and LG, the Major South Korean companies haven't laid a date except mentioning, flagship devices at the end of Quarter 2 and the rest in Quarter 3. Note to be taken, the Original Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S will not be officially supported because of some BS reason Samsung thought of, however fear not as Developers have successfully ported a very functional ROM for the GS.

Sony on the other hand promised to cover ALL of the 2011 phones so the Xperia x10, Arc, Arc S etc. will supposedly have ICS...No date given as well. Finally Motorola...they have given no exact statement or any info of when and what device will have ICS.


The big G had some issues recently about a Google Wallet exploit that would not encrypt the PIN inserted whenever the app was used. It was meant to use a 256bit AES however, the app had a bug that simply stored the PIN as mere data. They have already put the service on hold and have been working to get a fix as soon as possible also they are aiming to make it even more secure.

Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility has been officially completed and now we can expect HeloMoto to step up their game. Who knows, maybe the next Google Nexus will be made by Motorola...? PSYCHE

There have been rumors that the FIRST Jelly Bean (Tentative title) phone will be made by HTC. I just hope that it will be able to live the hype!


This one HTC worker had a still-in-testing HTC Ville, the first HTC phone with ICS and Sense 4.0...and he posted a video (very pixelated, sorry) on the rough changes. Stupidly enough, he showed the Device Serial Number, IMEI number as well as his freakin phone number...My guess he got fired and might actually get sued by HTC...

Another update, got some awesome HD leaks of Sense 4.0 and as of looks the same lol

Well, that's all that's going on. Please check out our YouTube and subscribe for more content. We also have a Facebook Page, a Twitter and a Google Plus account so feel free to add us there :D

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