Negative Ion - Explanation of Anion Benefits

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Negative Ion - Explanation of Anion Benefits

Anion (Negative ion) is an active invisible particle with a negative electrical charge, and its activity (bio energy) becomes the driving force to bring back our lives and our health as it wanders freely in the air.

Electron is an ion with a negative electrical charge. By colliding with oxygen molecules, it turns the oxygen molecules into an ion with a negative electric charge; this is called oxygen anion or just anion.

The ions in the air change according to meteorological conditions.When a cold front and a low pressure passes through, positive ions increase. As a result, it has been documented that the possibility of outbreak of neuralgia, asthma and apoplexy is high due to the decrease in anions and increase of positive ions within the human body.

We feel refreshed strolling in forests, around falls or beaches with big waves, and the reason are derived from anions. In the stable atmospheric state, the ratio of anions and positive ions are about 1:2. In general, positive ions are distributed in polluted areas and anions are distributed in clean nature.

If we breathe in anions, it promotes our cells' metabolism and increases vitality, cleans blood and is effective for stability of nerves, exhaustion recovery, and improvement of appetite. Therefore, an anion is even called the vitamin of the air.

Five Major Actions of Anion
1. Purification of Blood
Anions increase the top five factors of blood (nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, sodium and potassium) and make our blood become slightly alkali, and thus purify our blood.

2 Restoration of Body Cells
Our body consists of about 6 trillion cells, and if our body has blood with a great number of anions (alkali attributes), the movement of cells is active and anions help supply nutrition within our cells and discharge waste materials.

With these actions, sick cells and dead cells are restored, and calcium increases, and the increased calcium makes the movement of muscles more active, especially cardiac muscles, resulting in a strong heart.

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