Negative effects of not enough water

Posted on Nov 5 2012 at 02:49:11 PM in Society

Negative effects of not enough water

Many people believe that when their doctor suggests that they consider drinking more water, they can increase their intake of soda, coffee or tea and the end result will be positive, but it will not. After experiencing a severe pain in his lower back Andrew was forced to present himself to the local emergency room, a decision he was not happy with. Because he considered himself as a healthy individual, Andrew did not pay close attention to the lack of water he took in on a daily basis. They say that if we wait until we actually get thirsty we may have waited too long before we drank some water. Thinking that a soda will be just as good as eight ounces of water is a misconception that too many people believe is acceptable, they are sadly mistaken. If you are hoping for positive effects caused by your fluid intake, keep it geared towards water because if you continue to substitute soda for water, you could end up with stones forming where you would prefer that they did not. The subject of drinking eight glasses of water should be on everyone's mind, in fact this is not a difficult request. The truth of the matter is that if soda is your main source of fluids then you might want to change your habits.

When we think about being addicted to something the first thing that comes to mind is going to be drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, when in fact we should realize that the list is a lot longer than that. She did everything in her power to stay away from drugs as a child, especially since she was constantly being made aware as to what the dangers would be if she did not, so when Caroline realized that she was hopelessly addicted to the Internet and Facebook in particular, she felt as though she was a failure. The television set has managed to increase the available channels throughout the years and with the advent of cable TV it has gotten that much greater. We may look at the Internet as technology to the rescue for the average man in the street, when in fact we should be ever so cautious about what the consequences hold for us. When we begin teaching our kids about the dangers of addiction we should never leave out the reason why addiction comes upon us in the first place, because once they realize that there are all sorts of products for us to get addicted to, not to mention the risk of a brain that craves certain things, they will have a better understanding as to what the possible consequences may be.

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