My Travels to Kuwait

Posted on Mar 15 2012 at 07:27:43 AM in Arts & Humanities

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog, we`ve been without internet for some time now. There is an internet cafe nearby which I`ve used once. But I am able to tap into a wireless connection on my balcony periodically, but it is not that reliable. I hope to have internet in by the end of this week.


Well a lot has happened since I last posted, but I will dedicate this post to the travelling. Both flights went smoothly, despite my first flight being thirteen hours long. I would say that I had slept a good 6 hours on the way to Dubai. About 6 seconds after we were in the air I blanked right out, listening to ``come away with me`` by Norah Jones, on repeat and for most of the flight. I was out for a good hour I think. I woke up just in time to be able to get my dinner, which most people were already halfway through. The gentleman beside me said he tried to wake me, but I just wouldn’t budge. I laughed and told him it’s near impossible to wake me up once I`m out. Aside from that not much else happened. I had a window seat which was nice until we had to close the windows as we were get near Ireland and England, because we were starting to get daylight.  That was a weird feeling, travelling from the night into daylight.

When we finally landed in Dubai, the sun was setting. In about ten minutes it was dark again. The sunset was spectacular; just a hot red disc glowing in the sky, and you could look directly at it. On my way to the next terminal I met my first teacher, Eddie. He was a bit confused as to where to go, as I overheard him asking one of the airport staff. So being the nice guy that I am, I stepped in and told him what gate we had to go to. Interestingly enough, he was assigned a flat right across the hall from my apartment on the fifth floor, so yeah we hang.

The flight to Dubai was a blast. However, about ten minutes after getting on the plane, I heard a girl asking my name to other people and trying to find out where I was. The whole time leading up to going to Kuwait, I kept telling myself something is going to go wrong and I won`t get into the country for one reason or another. So as she got closer to me asking people I sunk lower into my seat so she wouldn’t notice me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but I wasn’t going to let myself get kicked off the plane. As she moved away from where I was sitting I noticed a piece of paper in her hand and realized it was the itinerary. Realizing this, I got out of my seat and approached her, relieved knowing that I was going to make it to Kuwait after all. She was a teacher too, just rounding up all the teachers she could find on the flight. So the last hour of flying was full of excited teachers who barely slept except me, which I made sure everyone knew.

Once we got to the airport in Kuwait, the real challenge began. Will our papers get us in? At that point if they weren’t I was ready to head back home if that was the case. I was running on auto pilot by that point and doing another 20 hours or travelling really didn’t seem that bad, at the time. I had been preparing myself for the worst case scenario since the start of the flight. And, I’m through immigration ready to pick up my luggage, the journey is finally over.

When we finally got everything gathered and exited through the airport doors, we got a blast of 46 degrees of pure heat, which was amazing!!!  It wasn’t too long before we got to our apartments.  To give justice to the chaos that ensued once we arrived at our apartments is hard to do, it’s one of those had to be there situations, but I found it highly hilarious.

By the time I finally got settled in and to sleep it was 2 am Wednesday Kuwaiti time, or about 7pm Tuesday back In Canada. I flew out of Pearson 940pm on Monday August 31. Needless to say once my face hit my sheets I feel right to sleep. Which was a good idea, because we had to be up and ready for 9am to go to the school. Thus ending my voyage to Kuwait and the beginning my many adventures and experiences I will be having.

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