MWC 2012 Follow Up! Part 1

Posted on Feb 29 2012 at 04:46:42 PM in Computers & Internet

So, it's still a beautiful Sunday night here in North America, BUT in Barcelona the day has begun and the MWC was kicked off. Many companies came to showcase their future Releases and let's begin!

Starting off with Samsung again, like I mentioned last time, they said that they would have their own showcase in the future where they would announce the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is one of the most anticipated phone for this year. Now, Samsung wasn't empty handed though, they actually showed off 3 notable items...personally I only considered 2 but I'll share all of em.


First is the Samsung Galaxy Beam which like it sounds, shoots a beam of light...can you guess what it shoots? Well, it's basically a Projector within a phone! So far, the specs of the device are nothing new so the normal Dual Core CPU clocked at 1GHz and 1GB of RAM. It also comes with an 8MP camera and an 8GB internal storage. As you can see, not the most exciting news out there. The projector itself is said to be able to support up to 40" in 1080p...which I firmly doubt, since we are not that far in Projector Technology where we still have to pay close to $1500-2000 to actually get a decent HD projector.  Moving on, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Note...however a 10.1" Tablet version! So it is a 10.1" phone with the incredible pressure activated Stylus Pen. Seems pretty decent to me, Simply get a Bluetooth headset and you are good to go!


Lastly, they announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 ...which is a 10.1" version of the first 7" 3G based tablet. It actually has the same specs which are a disappointment and really, I think it's a waste because who would want a Single core 1GHz tablet? What are you gonna run? Minesweeper? I mean, even the Camera is sad being 3MP...I think that this was a bad move costs so cheap that they break record sales...if it's between $199 - $250, I'd be sold, solely because of the Price. If I had the money, definitely without a doubt, I'd never get this.

I gotta say...HTC blew my mind this time! I am not an avid fan of HTC mainly because I hate Sense and that is the only reason, people would get an HTC. Well, this time they have learned a big lesson. They announced the new Series ONE and displayed all of the devices including all of the specs! The One S, V, X and XL...yes a newer one called the XL...not like it actually means, like a huge display...simply means it's for AT&T (-__-)"

Anyway, since there's too much info on these guys, I got the link to the Full Specs of all of them on and I gotta say, good job HTC for actually caring about your customers giving a redesigned Sense 4.0 which takes a lot of Stock style as well as unlocking all Bootloader's with a tool which does Void your Warranty but it is worth it ;)

HTC One V 

Quick head's up, the devices are all coming with Beats Audio which adds a nice touch as well as displaying the new Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The cherry on the cake for the One Series is...drumroll...a free 2 Yr subscription on Dropbox, giving you 25GB of Cloud Storage :D


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