Moving rumours hit stalked Paris Hilton

Posted on Aug 3 2011 at 05:55:59 AM in People

Removal vans have been spotted outside Paris Hilton’s Malibu address in the United States, reports have not confirmed she has had cleaning services in too.
Post tenancy cleaners services for properties like Paris Hilton’s sprawling estate would find it hard to go unnoticed, as this is not a day job, more like a week-long event.
Especially when considering Paris’ notorious partying, such as the weekend bash, which was attended by Lindsay Lohan.
According to newspaper reports, a man was arrested after being caught peering into a window at Paris’ property, which she was said to have left her fearing for her privacy.
It is believed she has rented out another property in which to spend the summer.
She reportedly told the press that she had been eyeing other places in Malibu, which were so nice they were hard to choose from.
It is clear from the articles she wants to keep her next address under wraps.
The man who she says was a stalker was seen taken away by police in hand cuffs on July 4th 2011.
Paris’ was partying when James Rainford was seized by police.
She admitted to the papers she was left feeling “scared” and “violated” by the incident.
Paris Hilton is the latest in a long line of celebrities to be stalked, homeless William Lepeska became so enamoured with tennis star Anna Kournikova he tried to swim to her Biscayne Bay address.
Dawnette Knight appeared in court to face charges to do with the stalking of celebrity couple Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. She targeted Zeta Jones with hate mail, which included threats she would cut her up and feed the pieces to a dog.

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