Moving Quotes: How to Choose the Best One?

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Who doesn't want to find a way to take advantage of the best moving services but at the same time not to pay a fortune for that? Is it possible or this is just another dream? Well, I have a good piece of news for you – there is a way to cut down your expenses without passing by your own desires, requirements and needs. Do you want to understand how to do it?

The answer is very simple – all you need is to grasp the meaning of the moving quotes that you'll get. Unfortunately, that could be a real challenge, especially for people who are facing with relocation for a first time.

Perhaps the most important part of every moving quote is its type. Yes, exactly its type, not the final price. But why?

The price which you'll pay at the end of your relocation might not be the same as in the estimate!

You have to consider that if you don't want to be unpleasantly surprised. Every good man and van in London would explain you the difference between them. But nevertheless let me try to point the main distinctions.

1. Binding quote

You could be sure that you'll pay exactly as much as it's mentioned there – neither more nor less. This is a great advantage because it gives you more security.

2. Non-binding estimate

This type offers you only rough idea how much your relocation will cost.

3. Not-to-exceed quote

Perhaps, this is the best one. It determines the maximal price which you could pay but at the same time it is still possible your man with van in London to charge you less.

Be careful when you get estimates and make sure that you completely understand how much your relocation will cost. Don't act too hastily and always think out your decisions.


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