Movie Premier Bar Mitzvah - Classic Car Inspired

Posted on Jan 14 2013 at 11:14:27 AM in Society & Culture

You will not believe this transformation!  When you have a dad with a fabulous collection of classic cars and a son with a passion for film making, you ve got the beginnings of one amazing movie theme bar mitzvah!

Bar Mitzvah Planner Melisa from The Event of a Lifetime transformed the family's garage into a VIP Bar Mitzvah Lounge. Lounge furniture was accented with plush pillows. The pillows included the bar mitvah’s initials and event date. The color palette was a perfect blend of blue, white and silver.

The basement was also transformed from a typical basement to an after hours dance club. Furnishings included a white dance floor, lounge furniture, large flat screen TVs and trendy lighting.

The dad's collection of beautiful classic cars inspired much of the decor, including photo backdrops and a stunning cake that was almost an exact replica of a vintage car.

The Movie Premier Theme inspired a lot of Hollywood details, including a red carpet entrance. As guests arrived and made their way up the red carpet, they were greeted by paparazzi who took their photos and asked things like "Who are you wearing" and other red carpet questions. When they reached the top of the driveway, there were bouncers that made sure their names were on the VIP list.

There was also lots of photo opps, a car themed sign-in board, and a red carpet voice over section where the guests could feel like Hollywood royalty.

It was an amazing transformation and a bar mitzvah the guests won't soon forget.

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