More haste, less speed

Posted on May 26 2012 at 01:39:10 PM in Law

More haste, less speed

On a flight out of Jamaica to Miami recently, passengers were surprised when a passenger began to act in an unruly manner as he ran towards the front of the plane to attempt an exit before the plane came to a complete stop. Because of his erratic behavior, the flight crew demanded that he return to his seat until the captain had turned off the seat belt sign, this order was ignored by the passenger. Others on the plane decided that they were concerned enough by this lone passengers behavior that they would subdue him, if only for the safety and protection of everyone else on the aircraft. Authorities were waiting at the terminal to arrest the defiant passenger because of his actions.


At no time was anyone in any danger on this American Airlines flight, at least not that we know of anyway and as of the time that this publication, no reason for the passengers behavior was brought to light, so naturally we can only speculate as to the reason why. Having taken many flights myself, I can understand the urgency for someone trying to get off the plane in a hurry, especially if they needed to catch a connecting flight. Then again the passenger may not have been too concerned about his health and he could just have needed a cigarette. I am certain that the truth will surface as he comes before a judge to face a crime that with a little more patience he could have avoided.

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