Moonlit Journey - Part VI - Moonlit Meditation

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Moonlit Journey - Part VI - Moonlit Meditation

Moonlit Meditation

Beetles and bugs of the night
My frequent customers of the porch light
Paying simply with their incessant buzz
As I sit on the steps sipping wine
Verdant Dusk

In the moonlit haze
Of a late summer's eve
Is this well-worn back road,
Set upon on each side by
Darkest woods that smell of
Live oak and dying pine.
Fog rises from the road in the wake
Of a surprise rain shower.
The green freshness
Of the encroaching woods
Tempts a walk through it -
The soft, dewy grass,
Overhanging trees,
Chirping crickets,
Abandoned buildings -
Remains of civilization,
Returning to nature -
And spiders stringing
Their silky portraits
All invite a stroll
Through this verdant dusk.

The sky is gray
On this late summer day
As the sun imbues
Its various hues
Upon the scene.
A sight to be seen,
A beauty to behold,
A thousand campfire stories to be told.
With the settling twilight
And the settling night
Comes the settling fog
About every log,
Every limb
As the light continues to dim.

Yet, do you hear it?
Yes, a kindred spirit,
As it beckons to us,
Nature's patrons,
Who think deep thoughts of
All things up above, and things all around
And adventures upon which to bound.
Nature II

As I continue to tread
The well-worn path between the trees,
Many thoughts swim in my head
Of the refreshing beauties
Of the crisp, clean air
Playing in my hair,
The rainbow
That has begun to show
Over the tips of the trees,
The birds' outspoken symphonies,
And the sun-rays that warm my face
As I pass each open, sun-lit space.
Nature has its own music,
Its own specially tuned melody.
I never want to lose it,
For what it means to me,
I can never fully express,
Even as my feelings well up in my chest.

It is here in the forest,
This place of nature and spirit,
That I feel blessed,
And ignore the old habit
Of humankind
To mind
Its own business
And forget about the wilderness.

Come friend,
Let's walk this path again,
Before this great day can end!
As the Rain Falls

On this early morn,
As the rain falls,
Before this side of the world wakes,
Invisible toothpicks
Yet seem to hold my eyes open.

My mind has
Left for the world of dreams
With the rest of me in tow,
Like rain falling
With no cloud to fall from.

My mind yet wanders
Beyond sleep,
Beyond caffeine;
My heart races,
As it pumps my lifeblood
Through its course.

The rain races to the ground
As it flirts with gravity
And frolics in a

So alike are
My mind, my heart, and the clouds:
All saturated with promises of
Ideas, Life, Sustenance,
Which feed the fires
Of the dreams whose flames
Incessantly burn within each of us.

By nature's rule,
What goes up
Must come down.

My heart,
The lifeblood of my dreams,
Will one day descend to the depths,
But on parting with this world,
A new lifeblood can be realized on high.

My brain,
That convoluted pathway of ponderings,
That ethereal dwelling Of dreams,
Will one day
Fully comprehend the realms of the dead.

The rain,
As it falls,
Yet sustains life;
Where rain seems to end,
It begins anew in another form.

Once thoughts
And hopes
And efforts
And tears of happiness
Are rained upon the dream,
Do we not see
A sprouting hope
Of its original splendor
Coming to the surface?

Let it rain,
Let it rain,
Let it rain...

Looking out on the field of purest white
That our peaceful neighborhood has become,
I feel wind and snowflakes so very light
Gently touching my face in the night's cold glum.

Coming back in to warm my cold hands
In front of the old fireplace,
I look out at the winter wonderland
Painted with a sparkling layer of icy lace.

Carried on a steady eastern breeze,
This is a snowstorm like no other;
It lays a white blanket on the bare ground and trees,
And makes for beautiful weather.

Needing neither rhyme nor reason,
Children will wake to see the white glow,
Don coat and glove, and enjoy the season,
Throwing snowballs and making angels in the snow!

A robe of white has covered all that is ugly,
Like the robes we'll wear in God's Paradise,
When we join Him for a resplendent Eternity,
Rejoicing on the unending day of our new lives!

The author teaches martial arts in South Carolina, and is a native of Lake City. The above writing is excerpted from "Moonlit Journey", a poetic quest from urban decay to paradise. View it online for free over at Moonlit Journey - free online book of poetry and prose.

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