Moonlit Journey - Part IV - Midnight Musings

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Moonlit Journey - Part IV - Midnight Musings

Midnight Musings

In so many ways
Might I describe the
Yet thought-provoking
Realm of night.

Even as the
Blanket of Shadowy Calm
And Enraptures
Our side of the planet
And Reveals
Mother Earth's
Hidden, sentimental beauty and
Inspiring, glorious view of
The Heavens,
Do we not also cover ourselves
In a shadowy calm of introspection,
And reveal our own hearts' yearnings?

Do I see,
As dotted and
As versatile
As my memory!
How shall I explore
Either of these?

Is not the
World of
Well-Worn Pathways
Within my mind
But one universe
Contained within another?
How can I understand the cosmos,
If I don't understand the mind?

Even as I behold
Nature's Beauty,
Should I not also recognize
Humankind's Beauty?
Dear God,
How shall I thank Thee
For the life
You gave me,
For the world
You gave unto us,
And even for Jesus,
Whose life
You gave up for us,
That we might live!

I do pray that,
On this night,
Even as
This side of the world
That I as well
Should find my
Midnight respite,
In order to
Awake refreshed,
And observe
The beauty of
A new beginning,
A new start,
A new day,
To rejoin
The Entourage
For Eternity!

Watching the sun rise
On this brand new day,
Another day to invest
My God-given talents
To bring glory to Him,
To help carry out
His great plans
To shine His Son's light
On the world,
That everyone may know
That the Son rose
And ushered in
A Brand New Day
For mankind
That will never end.

Toward the distant horizon I tread,
Wondering what the future may hold;
I can only imagine what is ahead,
And the many sights that I will behold.

Yet, there is so much that has gone unsaid,
And so many great stories left untold;
Yet, I must keep praying that the riverbed
Keeps feeding the ocean of hope that has always flowed.

Most of what we've seen, heard, or read,
Whether it is modern or old,
Will one day, with this world, be dead;
It is God's Word that we must uphold.

In Jesus' footsteps we should walk day by day.
In knowing that He has already won the war,
We are sure that our faith will never stray.
Let us praise God now and forever-more!

Toward the horizon
I continue to tread:
With the Eternal Goal
In sight:
To live life God's Way:
And while we never reach
That ultimate horizon,
God's Plan is
And will work out to
His Glory
Our Salvation
On Earth
And Forever
In Heaven!
My Pen

My pen traces a path
To the innermost
Of my soul
And opens the gate
That leads to
My laid-up store of
Prismatic love
Inspired by
The Heart and Mind
Of the Almighty.

Life is lines of poetry
multiple metaphor
interwoven Truth(s)
Hidden by
our lack of understanding
Lit (upon) by
God's Great Grace,
His Never-Ending Flame,
Word of Everlasting Beauty.
(Re:) Vision

Finding the poetry
Hidden on a blank page,
Freeing the sculpture
Captured inside the heap of clay,
Polishing the diamond
Found in the rough:

Reaching beyond the horizon
To the rising Son
For divine inspiration,
Prophetic revelation,
Golden strands of
Fresh creation,
Weaving a tapestry
With God's Great Glory.
Chaos Theory

A drop in the ocean,
Tides subside;

Endless motion,
Planets collide;

A single day
Becomes the next;

A single breath,
A brush with death;

The lives we lead,
The webs we weave;

In one strand of time
All fates intertwine.

Miles to Go

I stop to see a leaf swirl with the wind;
I begin again and leave it all behind,
With the whole world behind me,
With the whole world before me,
Not knowing where my journey begins or ends,
But that I can never quit
Until God calls me Home.
The Enchanted Forest of Poetry

On a lonely night
And a lone rendezvous
Such as this,
My mind often departs
For the realm of living thought.

As I meditate,
And leave behind earthly concerns,
The winds of wanderlust
Carry my consciousness
To a land where
My beauteous thoughts
Are made manifest,
As verdant hills roll
Beneath an endless azure sky.

My desires and
The Enchanted Forest's magic
Become the warp
For each other's weft.

Each line
   Of verse
   A strand
Of existence,
   A blade
Of grass,
   A forest
Of trees,
   A mountain
Of possibilities,
   A piece
Of new reality!

In the midst of
This realm of
Living Verse
Does the poet
Find himself created:

Where each
With a new
To weave a
Full of
The Yarn
Of a
New Reality
That was once
Only imagined.

Could this be some of the
Same attitude God had
When creating the universe
By only speaking His Word,
And Pronouncing His Thoughts?

If an idea is a tree,
Let us plant a forest,
A new realm,
Full of rolling landscapes
Proclaiming truth and beauty!

Let us now escape
To such a land,
A land where anything
Can happen,
And ideas
Have the magic
Of Creation!
These City Streets

Riding these city streets,
Riding with the wind,
On this trusted bike,
Dreading the daylight,
On this endless night,
Seeking a nonexistent prey,
Seeking strange new enlightenment,
In all corners of the
Sparsely populated,
Dimly lit,
Of a
Small town.

Riding these empty streets,
Nothing to see,
Too dark to see,
A world that sleeps
With the setting of the sun
And is covered by a blanket
Of dark all around.

Riding these empty streets,
Everything unseen,
A whole new world to see,
A world uncovered
By the setting of the sun,
A world lit by
The rising of the moon.

The author teaches martial arts in South Carolina, and is a native of Lake City. The above writing is excerpted from "Moonlit Journey", a poetic quest from urban decay to paradise. View it online for free over at Moonlit Journey - free online book of poetry and prose.

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