Moneybookers Forex Brokers (

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Moneybookers Forex Brokers (

Moneybookers (Skrill) is a popular British electronic payment system that is acceptable world-wide. It is regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA) in United Kingdom. Brokers, like United World Capital Limited (UWCFX) accepting this payment system confirm their valid bank account details and the physical location.  Moneybookers also enables credit/debit card holders to instantly transfer funds to any person or business in the world with an email address, even if the beneficiary does not have a Moneybookers account.  It is characterized by instant payments and transactions, low costs and client-friendly usability.

Moneybookers is a worldwide e-wallet that offers a quick and easy way to make instant deposits/ Withdrawal to your UWCFX Account (


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