MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Posted on Jul 31 2012 at 03:45:28 PM in Baseball

MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

The MLB trade deadline has passed and the winners and losers of this year are quite obvious. There are several teams that made some significant trades that increased their odds of winning the World Series, while others are clearly the losers of this year’s trade market.

Here is a look at this year’s MLB trade deadline winners and losers.


Los Angeles Angels

The Halos did not wait to the deadline to add a great pitcher to the rotation.

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Greinke joins a solid rotation that includes Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson that will matchup with any rotation in baseball. With solid young talent in the lineup and runs a-plenty, the Angels become the new favorite to win the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers

  Not to be outdone by the Angels, the Dodgers emerged as winners at the trade deadline. The Dodgers are at least showing their fans that they are making a push to win now. The Dodgers nabbed Shane Victorino from the Phillies and bolstered the lineup. Victorino fills the void in the outfield and with the earlier addition of Hanley Ramirez, the run production should increase.

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Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox were rumored to trade nearly everyone on their team. From Josh Beckett to Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox could have traded anyone to improve on the sorry season, but they stayed pat. The Sox gift wrapped Kevin Youkilis to the White Sox as the most notable move, and acquired Craig Breslow from the Diamondbacks. The Sox basically gave away Youkilis and did little to nothing to improve a team that has failed miserably this year.[poll id="10"]

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are losers only because no one expected to see them be sellers at the deadline. A big budget team with recent success should still be in the race, but instead the Phillies are waving the surrender flag. That prompted the World Series odds to plummet to 50-to-1 at BetOnline Sportsbook.

The Phils sent Hunter Pence to the Giants and Shane Victorino to the Dodgers for some younger players, but only time will tell if those deals worked out. In the meantime, Phillies fans will hang their head as the fire sale in Philadelphia steals headlines and their team ends up as losers at the trading deadline.

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