Microwave Risks shown by a Meter that cannot Lie

Posted on Nov 22 2012 at 02:42:39 PM in Technology

I have an expensive meter made in Germany, called an HF-Analyzer (Gigahertz Solutions, Model HF 35C). This tool provides evidence for the wireless energy levels produced in our home.

Recently, I used this meter to measure microwave radiation leaking out of microwave ovens. The worst oven I tested so far showed radiation at a level of 2000 microwatts per square meter (mic. watt/sq. meter) when I was at a distance of 30 feet from the oven.

Testing four other ovens, this meter showed their radiation is at 2000 mic. watt/sq. meter when I stood 8 feet from the best of them. The others showed that reading of 2000 at 14 feet away. These were obviously leaking less radiation than the bad one mentioned above, but this data gives you a good feel for the safe distance you should maintain while your microwave oven is operating.

The meter reading of 2000 microwatts per square meter is, by Germany's standards, a very high level of radiation. Of course, it is not nearly as dangerous as radiation produced by non-lethal weaponry developed by the US military. If you have already had many X-rays, then you should consider the fact that radiation effects are cumulative. All forms of radiation accumulate to render physiological damage.

I know this because my wife has experienced it, first hand. She suffers in many ways, every time she is exposed to radiation that is easily tolerated by 95% of our population. For examples, she is bothered by cell phones, microwave ovens, scanners at a retail check-out counter, WiFi systems, cordless phones, RF utility meter-bases, and of course, X-ray equipment at the dentist or doctor's office.

Research shows microwave energy can have ill effects. Note: not all individuals will be affected the same (as indicated in the results of research reported in the article link below).


A doctor in a major city of Oregon has testified to his city officials in opposition to RF electric utility meters placed on homes, and believe it or not, that city halted its plans to implement the use of these types of meters until 2014. Why? Because the doctor produced sufficient evidence to show them they could be facing lawsuits if they implemented their plans to have these meters installed. RF stands for radio-frequency. These meters use microwave frequencies. I know this, because my meter displays a reading when I get near an RF utility meter, and it is shown as a brief, powerful burst of radiation. Does all of this tell you something about the potential risks of microwave radiation?

It is truth. Take the time to study it for yourself. The risks of microwave radiation are real. We live in a society which seems bent on introducing more and more wireless technology. Don't assume all is well, just because you aren't affected. Ask around, to see if anyone you know is adversely affected by high-frequency radiation.

Douglas Scofield is an Oregon State University college graduate, with a degree in Forest Engineering. His interest in radiation and its dangers grew out of his need to know what to do with his suffering wife, whom most doctors shunned as a psychotic. In reality, she is a human being like anyone else, doing her best to cope with intense suffering. Hard situations and compassion led Douglas to become better educated, so that he could help relieve her pain, and his experiences have brought his wife some physical comfort, along with much mental/emotional comfort. Still, he has much to learn, and all comments are welcome. Additional views of this author are available at http://healthychoices101.com/category/blog




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