Microsoft windows 8 App store has hit 120,000

Posted on Nov 1 2012 at 09:30:51 PM in News & Media

Microsoft has just announced they have hit 120,000 app's in the windows phone store . For years many have complained one of the main reason they did not adapt on to windows phone is partly because, they had very little app's . Which Microsoft took that in and made some changes to help them compete with apple and android . Since the announcement of windows phone 8 many companies said they would have app's that would be compatible with the platform . In a report Microsoft announced there would be at least 46% of the world most popular app's in there app store . The company has also provided many resources to developers and benefits for creating app’s for their store . I guess we will see how consumers adapt on to the new windows 8 phone but from the data they make still have a long way to go .

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