Merry Christmas The Bajan Way

Posted on Dec 22 2011 at 04:35:04 PM in Cultures & Groups

There is always something special about this time of the year. Even for those who do not believe in Christmas still will have that feeling of giving and friendship. I remember, as a young boy, they were many little things each of us were designated to do be it scrub the floor, weed the yard, catch that special cock to purge for a week before it is killed, even bring marl to spread around the house for a "White Christmas” - making our own decorations from crape paper and post cards. A few day before Christmas was time to cut a piece of "mile" tree or cherry tree to be our Christmas tree, the decorations were all handmade. Then that time for the tar ham or salted ham that was strung up in the house for months to come down and start boiling or baking. The smell of coconut bread and pound cake, and great cake, would lick you down as you walk through the village. Christmas Eve was extra special for that was the time for carolling throughout the village, and households looked out for us and they would have eats and drinks prepared for us as we moved around the village. However, our activity had to come to an end for us to prepare for either mid-night mass or 5AM service. After service is visiting time to friends' houses for a lime and eats again then home for that special Christmas lunch - green peas and rice, doved peas, jug-jug, pork, chicken (yard-fowl) and red juicy mixed with coconut water. By the time we were finished our little bellies were popping. This time of the year was special and seemed to take too long to come now if you sleep too long you would have missed a Christmas season as people prepare for another. Oh for the lovely times we used to have, times of sharing and giving and generally having a true family life within the entire village. Our young ones are missing that special warmth that we made as children, commercialism as taken over the season and many people overextend themselves . It is time to return to the joy of Christmas. Live within our means at this time of year and we would be able to once more enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. To one and all, especially those who "cussed" me through the year, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, just enjoy the season and remember those less fortunate than ourselves and help them to enjoy the season too. Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings and may 2012 be the year where good health be yours and your family.
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